The importance of end of tenancy cleaning when you are renting

I love renting – it gives me the freedom to live in different places as and when I want to. I am still young and trying to build a career and I swap my jobs frequently in the search for the perfect one. As luck would have it, the jobs are never near my accommodation and that is why I have to move frequently.

End of tenancy cleaning is my pet hate as it takes so much time and energy and there is never a guarantee that my landlord would even like the end result. That is why this time I have decided to trust a professional end of tenancy cleaning agency that will make sure that my property is spotless before I hand it back to the landlord.

To my biggest surprise, end of tenancy cleaning was not expensive at all. The agency I contacted created a bespoke quote for my apartment and because I wanted a full end of tenancy cleaning, they have given me a bonus – oven cleaning free of charge. house-1407562_640That was a huge relief as oven cleaning can be very pricey i.e. oven cleaning can be in the range of £40 to £80 depending on the level of dirt and its size.

The Sassiest Home Trend that Cheers Everyone Up

Time changes, life changes, and homes change, as well. Our house is still there, in the center of our universe, like a shelter and an anchor in the same time. But if you think of the way your grandparents lived and your parents did, it is pretty different than how you live now. And just like everything around is constantly developing, our houses are, as well. And just like there are fashion trends, trends for cars and trips and lifestyles even, there are home trends, as well. These are things people currently love to have in their homes. And to be honest they do love to have them for a reason. And the latest, the loveliest and one of the absolute and all-time-to-be favorites are the oversized vases and the freshly cut flowers in them.

People love flowers. Women love receiving art-1680694_640such and men love being able to give them. There is something old-fashioned, but charming in that flower tradition. It is something everyone likes. But now things have changed and we have no gardens to take care of plants into. We have no such as well as no flowers. But does this mean that we don’t love having them anymore?